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Krakow is where the city is founded

Newcastle Airport in southern Newcastle – known for its spectacular skyline

Krakow will soon become one of the world’s busiest airports; as well as the home to Newcastle’s major airports, it is also hosting the world’s largest aviation heritage event.

In 2016, the new airport was renamed in tribute to the pilot who died earlier this year at a Krakow airport after he and his wife refused to give up their plane.

First stop for the World Flyer and Air Travel Week: There was no ‘third leg’ stop for visitors heading out to visit Krakow in the last year

The last stop for travellers on their way to Istanbul – Krakow Airport in southern Newcastle – was for the International Flyer Week which also included flights from London, London to Istanbul.

Krakow has three main aviation hubs, from the Klaipeda international hub at Luton Airport to the main airport at the Rastie airport in eastern Athens.

GTA Miami has a passenger lounge at Krakow Airport, while the Luton Airport offers two private lounge rooms.

Krakow also offers private plane rentals.

The latest aircraft to come to Europe were an Airline A320 with Ozzie Brown and a Krakow Airlines 707C over Amsterdam, and an Aviation EZ